RAS protein-specific guanine nucleotide-releasing factor 1 ; Mus musculus

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1 18368071 RNAi-mediated silencing of p190Bcr-Abl inactivates Stat5 and cooperates with imatinib mesylate and 17-allylamino-17-demetoxygeldanamycin in selective killing of p190Bcr-Abl-expressing leukemia cells. 2008 Jun 1
2 15982636 Interaction of Bcr/Abl with C3G, an exchange factor for the small GTPase Rap1, through the adapter protein Crkl. 2005 Aug 12 1
3 12082638 BCR/ABL P190 transgenic mice develop leukemia in the absence of Crkl. 2002 May 9 1
4 10979970 Reduced oncogenicity of p190 Bcr/Abl F-actin-binding domain mutants. 2000 Sep 15 1
5 9819392 Phosphotyrosine (p-Tyr)-dependent and -independent mechanisms of p190 RhoGAP-p120 RasGAP interaction: Tyr 1105 of p190, a substrate for c-Src, is the sole p-Tyr mediator of complex formation. 1998 Dec 5
6 9121432 Aberrant Ras regulation and reduced p190 tyrosine phosphorylation in cells lacking p120-Gap. 1997 Apr 1
7 8302574 Use of a temperature-sensitive mutant to define the biological effects of the p210BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase on proliferation of a factor-dependent murine myeloid cell line. 1994 Jan 1
8 7681835 Identification of p125, a component of a group of 120-kDa proteins that are phosphorylated on tyrosine residues in response to bradykinin and bombesin stimulation, in anti-ras-GTPase-activating protein immunoprecipitates of Swiss 3T3 cells. 1993 Apr 15 1
9 8378086 Complex formation between the p21ras GTPase-activating protein and phosphoproteins p62 and p190 is independent of p21ras signalling. 1993 Oct 1
10 8419471 Targets of B lymphocyte antigen receptor signal transduction include the p21ras GTPase-activating protein (GAP) and two GAP-associated proteins. 1993 Jan 15 2
11 1311060 Activation of the colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor leads to the rapid tyrosine phosphorylation of GTPase-activating protein and activation of cellular p21ras. 1992 Jan 1