dehydration response element B1A ; Arabidopsis thaliana

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1 33430800 Transgenic chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) harbouring AtDREB1a are physiologically better adapted to water deficit. 2021 Jan 11 2
2 28646315 Chilling tolerance in three tomato transgenic lines overexpressing CBF3 gene controlled by a stress inducible promoter. 2017 Aug 2
3 25326370 DREB1A overexpression in transgenic chickpea alters key traits influencing plant water budget across water regimes. 2015 Feb 3
4 32480655 Changes in timing of water uptake and phenology favours yield gain in terminal water stressed chickpea AtDREB1A transgenics. 2014 Feb 2
5 17653723 Stress-inducible expression of At DREB1A in transgenic peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) increases transpiration efficiency under water-limiting conditions. 2007 Dec 1
6 15190366 Stress-induced expression in wheat of the Arabidopsis thaliana DREB1A gene delays water stress symptoms under greenhouse conditions. 2004 Jun 2