serpin family D member 1 ; Homo sapiens

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1 19414859 Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate inhibits plasma thrombin generation via targeting of the factor IXa heparin-binding exosite. 2009 Oct 1 2
2 15013278 Prolonged bleeding time induced by anticoagulant glycosaminoglycans in dogs is associated with the inhibition of thrombin-induced platelet aggregation. 2003 1
3 9157603 Antithrombin III-independent effect of depolymerized holothurian glycosaminoglycan (DHG) on acute thromboembolism in mice. 1997 Feb 1
4 7888673 Depolymerized holothurian glycosaminoglycan with novel anticoagulant actions: antithrombin III- and heparin cofactor II-independent inhibition of factor X activation by factor IXa-factor VIIIa complex and heparin cofactor II-dependent inhibition of thrombin. 1995 Mar 15 5