host cell factor C1 ; Homo sapiens

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1 25823013 A system for creating stable cell lines that express a gene of interest from a bidirectional and regulatable herpes simplex virus type 1 promoter. 2015 1
2 17594499 Cloning and characterization of an adenoviral vector for highly efficient and doxycycline-suppressible expression of bioactive human single-chain interleukin 12 in colon cancer. 2007 Jun 26 2
3 15499652 Reversal of the silencing of tetracycline-controlled genes requires the coordinate action of distinctly acting transcription factors. 2005 Jan 1
4 11045432 HSV-1 infected cell proteins influence tetracycline-regulated transgene expression. 2000 Sep-Oct 1
5 11332280 Modest increases in the titers of helper virus-free herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) vectors by packaging in a cell line with inducible expression of HSV-1 VP16 or by treatment with N,N'-hexamethylene-bis-acetamide. 2000 Dec 1
6 8643550 Rapid retroviral delivery of tetracycline-inducible genes in a single autoregulatory cassette. 1996 May 28 1
7 8876147 A stable human-derived packaging cell line for production of high titer retrovirus/vesicular stomatitis virus G pseudotypes. 1996 Oct 15 1
8 7646813 Specificity of action of a herpes virus VP16/tetracycline-dependent trans-activator in mammalian cell cultures. 1995 Aug 3