Fatty Acids

fatty acid synthase ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 30802722 Treatment with myo-inositol attenuates binding of the carbohydrate-responsive element-binding protein to the ChREBP-β and FASN genes in rat nonalcoholic fatty liver induced by high-fructose diet. 2019 Apr 3
2 31465767 Involvement of fatty acid synthase in right ventricle dysfunction in pulmonary hypertension. 2019 Oct 15 1
3 29138817 Reduced triglyceride accumulation due to overactivation of farnesoid X receptor signaling contributes to impaired liver regeneration following 50% hepatectomy in extra‑cholestatic liver tissue. 2018 Jan 1
4 27061087 Inhibition of fatty acid synthase is protective in pulmonary hypertension. 2016 Jun 3
5 27602061 Increased expression of fatty acid synthase and acetyl-CoA carboxylase in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum in the valproic acid model of autism. 2016 Sep 3
6 25535827 Pregnancy induces resistance to the anorectic effect of hypothalamic malonyl-CoA and the thermogenic effect of hypothalamic AMPK inhibition in female rats. 2015 Mar 1
7 26007286 Activation of hepatic CREBH and Insig signaling in the anti-hypertriglyceridemic mechanism of R-α-lipoic acid. 2015 Sep 1
8 26090419 Individual CLA Isomers, c9t11 and t10c12, Prevent Excess Liver Glycogen Storage and Inhibit Lipogenic Genes Expression Induced by High-Fructose Diet in Rats. 2015 2
9 24513138 Influence of virgin coconut oil-enriched diet on the transcriptional regulation of fatty acid synthesis and oxidation in rats - a comparative study. 2014 May 28 1
10 25198467 Influence of fenofibrate treatment on triacylglycerides, diacylglycerides and fatty acids in fructose fed rats. 2014 2
11 19060415 Investigation of the anti-obesity action of licorice flavonoid oil in diet-induced obese rats. 2008 Dec 1
12 17466555 Changes in lipid composition and lipogenic enzyme activities in liver of lambs fed omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. 2007 Jul 1
13 17823126 Normal flux through ATP-citrate lyase or fatty acid synthase is not required for glucose-stimulated insulin secretion. 2007 Oct 26 2
14 17228092 The effects of weight cycling on serum leptin levels and lipogenic enzyme activities in adipose tissue. 2006 Nov 1
15 16129069 Exercise training enhances tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced expressions of anti-apoptotic genes without alterations in caspase-3 activity in rat epididymal adipocytes. 2005 Jun 1
16 12890564 Androgens stimulate coordinated lipogenic gene expression in normal target tissues in vivo. 2003 Jul 31 1
17 11279238 Involvement of a unique carbohydrate-responsive factor in the glucose regulation of rat liver fatty-acid synthase gene transcription. 2001 Jun 15 2
18 11750882 Sesamin, a sesame lignan, decreases fatty acid synthesis in rat liver accompanying the down-regulation of sterol regulatory element binding protein-1. 2001 Nov 30 1
19 11750887 Glucocorticoids regulate expression of the fatty acid synthase gene in fetal rat type II cells. 2001 Nov 30 5
20 21153248 Prolonged infusion of epinephrine down-regulates expression of the fatty acid synthase gene in adipocytes. 1995 Jun 1
21 7905448 Regulation of lipogenic enzyme gene expression by nutrients and hormones. 1994 Jan 1
22 8250834 Construction of a cDNA encoding the multifunctional animal fatty acid synthase and expression in Spodoptera frugiperda cells using baculoviral vectors. 1993 Nov 15 1
23 8349524 Regulation of fatty acid synthase gene expression: an approach for reducing fat accumulation. 1993 Jul 3
24 8371065 On the mechanism of the hypolipidemic effect of sulfur-substituted hexadecanedioic acid (3-thiadicarboxylic acid) in normolipidemic rats. 1993 Jul 1
25 2160286 Glucocorticoid induction of fatty-acid synthase mediates the stimulatory effect of the hormone on choline-phosphate cytidylyltransferase activity in fetal rat lung. 1990 May 1 1
26 2313387 Dietary polyunsaturated fats uniquely suppress rat liver fatty acid synthase and S14 mRNA content. 1990 Feb 4
27 2571607 Influence of age and exercise training on lipid metabolism in Fischer-344 rats. 1989 Oct 1
28 2881579 Effects of glucocorticoid and thyroid hormones on regulatory enzymes of fatty acid synthesis and glycogen metabolism in developing fetal rat lung. 1987 Apr 3 1