Fatty Acids, Nonesterified

uncoupling protein 3 ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 23084644 Endurance training blocks uncoupling protein 1 up-regulation in brown adipose tissue while increasing uncoupling protein 3 in the muscle tissue of rats fed with a high-sugar diet. 2012 Sep 1
2 17012607 Roles of norepinephrine, free Fatty acids, thyroid status, and skeletal muscle uncoupling protein 3 expression in sympathomimetic-induced thermogenesis. 2007 Jan 1
3 16855217 Activation of a novel long-chain free fatty acid generation and export system in mitochondria of diabetic rat hearts. 2006 Dec 2
4 12721157 Expression of uncoupling protein 3 is upregulated in skeletal muscle during sepsis. 2003 Sep 2
5 11346673 High-fat diet feeding elevates skeletal muscle uncoupling protein 3 levels but not its activity in rats. 2001 May 4
6 10519137 Skeletal muscle UCP3 and UCP2 gene expression in response to inhibition of free fatty acid flux through mitochondrial beta-oxidation. 1999 Sep 2
7 9792537 Interorgan signaling between adipose tissue metabolism and skeletal muscle uncoupling protein homologs: is there a role for circulating free fatty acids? 1998 Nov 1