complement C6 ; Homo sapiens

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1 17705309 Keratanase II-catalyzed synthesis of keratan sulfate oligomers by using sugar oxazolines as transition-state analogue substrate monomers: a novel insight into the enzymatic catalysis mechanism. 2007 Sep 24 4
2 15081009 Glycosyltransferase activity can be selectively modulated by chemical modifications of acceptor substrates. 2004 May 3 1
3 1429720 Ovarian cancer alpha 1,3-L-fucosyltransferase. Differentiation of distinct catalytic species with the unique substrate, 3'-sulfo-N-acetyllactosamine in conjunction with other synthetic acceptors. 1992 Nov 25 2
4 2947572 High-field n.m.r. studies of keratan sulphates. 1H and 13C assignments of keratan sulphate from shark cartilage. 1986 Jun 15 1