Fatty Acids, Omega-3

peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 33705952 n-3 PUFAs protect against adiposity and fatty liver by promoting browning in postnatally overfed male rats: a role for NRG4. 2021 Jul 1
2 30256492 Improvement of insulin resistance via increase of GLUT4 and PPARγ in metabolic syndrome-induced rats treated with omega-3 fatty acid or l-carnitine. 2018 Nov 2
3 26830417 Down-regulation of NF-κB expression by n-3 fatty acid-rich linseed oil is modulated by PPARγ activation, eicosanoid cascade and secretion of cytokines by macrophages in rats fed partially hydrogenated vegetable fat. 2017 Apr 1
4 28990050 Dietary n‑3 polyunsaturated fatty acids ameliorate Crohn's disease in rats by modulating the expression of PPAR‑γ/NFAT. 2017 Dec 2
5 24587285 Differential regulation of hepatic transcription factors in the Wistar rat offspring born to dams fed folic acid, vitamin B12 deficient diets and supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids. 2014 1
6 24719886 Omega-3 fatty acid enriched chevon (goat meat) lowers plasma cholesterol levels and alters gene expressions in rats. 2014 1
7 24749811 Maternal micronutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and placental PPARγ expression. 2014 Jul 2
8 19088251 Adiponectin translation is increased by the PPARgamma agonists pioglitazone and omega-3 fatty acids. 2009 Mar 1