peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma ; Mus musculus

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1 34504431 Naringin Exerts Therapeutic Effects on Mice Colitis: A Study Based on Transcriptomics Combined With Functional Experiments. 2021 2
2 34589273 Naringin improves sepsis-induced intestinal injury by modulating macrophage polarization via PPARγ/miR-21 axis. 2021 Sep 3 3
3 32749127 Naringin, a Natural Flavonoid, Modulates UVB Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Photoaging by Modulating NER Repair and MMPS Expression in Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast Cells. 2020 1
4 30512238 Naringin prevents ultraviolet-B radiation-induced oxidative damage and inflammation through activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ in mouse embryonic fibroblast (NIH-3T3) cells. 2019 Mar 2
5 26126997 Naringin promotes differentiation of bone marrow stem cells into osteoblasts by upregulating the expression levels of microRNA-20a and downregulating the expression levels of PPARγ. 2015 Sep 1
6 25288222 Ethanol intake and ethanol-conditioned place preference are reduced in mice treated with the bioflavonoid agent naringin. 2014 Nov 1