estradiol 3-benzoate

gonadotropin releasing hormone 1 ; Homo sapiens

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1 3090004 Androgen and estradiol effects on gonadotropin secretion and response to GnRH in ovariectomized pony mares. 1986 Jun 1
2 6413811 Estrogen dependence of the periovulatory plasma prolactin response to gonadotropin-releasing hormone in normal women. 1983 Nov 1
3 6802530 Failure of positive feedback of oestradiol during chronic intranasal luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist treatment. 1982 Feb 1
4 6804136 The influence of exogenous oestradiol benzoate on the pituitary responsiveness to LHRH during the puerperium in women. 1982 Mar 1
5 6816851 Estrogen induced enhancement of LHRH clearance in amenorrheic women. 1982 Jul-Aug 2
6 344873 Comparison of LH release and luteal function in cyclic and LH-RH-treated anoestrous ewes pretreated with PMSG or oestrogen. 1978 Mar 2
7 791539 The control of gonadotrophin release in women with hyperprolactinaemic amenorrhoea: effect of oestrogen and progesterone on the LH and FSH response to LHRH. 1976 Sep 1
8 1102297 Blockage of estrogen-induced release of luteinizing hormone by reserpine and potentiation of synthetic gonadotropin-releasing hormone-induced release of luteinizing hormone by estrogen in the ovariectomized ewe. 1975 Nov 2
9 4595981 Biphasic effect of estradiol benzoate on the pituitary responsiveness to LH-RH. 1974 May 1
10 4939001 Changes in pituitary responsiveness to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LH-RH) in anestrous ewes pretreated with estradiol benzoate. 1971 Feb 2