dopamine receptor D3 ; Homo sapiens

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1 23365649 The functional DRD3 Ser9Gly polymorphism (rs6280) is pleiotropic, affecting reward as well as movement. 2013 1
2 22386772 Clinical response to antipsychotic drug treatment: association study of polymorphisms in six candidate genes. 2012 Sep 1
3 22937122 Combination training in aging individuals modifies functional connectivity and cognition, and is potentially affected by dopamine-related genes. 2012 1
4 20218802 Interaction between serotonin 5-HT2A receptor gene and dopamine transporter (DAT1) gene polymorphisms influences personality trait of persistence in Austrian Caucasians. 2010 Mar 1
5 19092771 Dopamine receptor D3 gene and essential tremor in large series of German, Danish and French patients. 2009 Jun 2
6 19353703 Motor complications in patients form the German Competence Network on Parkinson's disease and the DRD3 Ser9Gly polymorphism. 2009 May 15 1
7 15626824 Association analysis of the dopamine D3 receptor gene ser9gly and brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene val66met polymorphisms with antipsychotic-induced persistent tardive dyskinesia and clinical expression in Chinese schizophrenic patients. 2004 3
8 12062911 Pharmacogenetics of tardive dyskinesia: combined analysis of 780 patients supports association with dopamine D3 receptor gene Ser9Gly polymorphism. 2002 Jul 1
9 10670776 A cluster of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the 5'-leader of the human dopamine D3 receptor gene (DRD3) and its relationship to schizophrenia. 2000 Jan 21 1
10 11140333 Association between the serotonin 2C receptor gene and tardive dyskinesia in chronic schizophrenia: additive contribution of 5-HT2Cser and DRD3gly alleles to susceptibility. 2000 Nov 1