selectin P ligand ; Homo sapiens

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1 33576045 Memory T helper cells identify patients with nickel, cobalt, and chromium metal allergy. 2021 Jul 2
2 30779159 T lymphocyte phenotype of contact-allergic patients: experience with nickel and p-phenylenediamine. 2019 Jul 1
3 20696642 Association of CD69 up-regulation on CD4+ Cla+ T cells versus patch test, strip patch test and clinical history in nickel sensitization. 2010 1
4 15059101 Characterization of lymphocyte subpopulations and cytokine profiles in peripheral blood of nickel-sensitive individuals with systemic contact dermatitis after oral nickel exposure. 2004 Jan 7
5 15270870 Nickel-responding T cells are CD4+ CLA+ CD45RO+ and express chemokine receptors CXCR3, CCR4 and CCR10. 2004 Jul 7
6 14634084 Human CD25+ regulatory T cells maintain immune tolerance to nickel in healthy, nonallergic individuals. 2003 Dec 1 3
7 10644023 Iontophoresis of nickel elicits a delayed cutaneous response in sensitized individuals that is similar to an allergic patch test reaction. 2000 Jan 1
8 9389301 Nonspecific T-cell homing during inflammation in atopic dermatitis: expression of cutaneous lymphocyte-associated antigen and integrin alphaE beta7 on skin-infiltrating T cells. 1997 Nov 1
9 8722046 Skin-homing T cells in human cutaneous allergic inflammation. 1995 2