neuraminidase 1 ; Homo sapiens

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1 24517196 Dual specificity of human plasma lactose-binding immunoglobulin to anomers of terminal galactose enables recognition of desialylated lipoprotein(a) and xenoantigens. 2014 Apr 1
2 17587801 Glycosylation at the fetomaternal interface in hemomonochorial placentae from five widely separated species of mammal: is there evidence for convergent evolution? 2007 1
3 12244074 TNF-alpha increases the carbohydrate sulfation of CD44: induction of 6-sulfo N-acetyl lactosamine on N- and O-linked glycans. 2002 Oct 1
4 8770386 Enzymatic synthesis of a sialyl Lewis X dimer from egg yolk as an inhibitor of E-selectin. 1995 Dec 1
5 3285099 Blood group ABO-related antigens in fetal and normal adult bladder urothelium. Immunohistochemical study of type 2 chain structures with a panel of mouse monoclonal antibodies. 1988 May 2
6 3522754 Cell surface carbohydrate changes during embryonic and fetal skin development. 1986 Jul 1