Fatty Acids

FTO alpha-ketoglutarate dependent dioxygenase ; Homo sapiens

8 Article(s)
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1 35005107 Critical roles of FTO-mediated mRNA m6A demethylation in regulating adipogenesis and lipid metabolism: Implications in lipid metabolic disorders. 2022 Jan 1
2 33159224 The association of dietary and plasma fatty acid composition with FTO gene expression in human visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissues. 2021 Aug 5
3 34743743 Association of FTO rs1421085 single nucleotide polymorphism with fat and fatty acid intake in Indonesian adults. 2021 Nov 7 1
4 32507396 FTO variants are associated with ANGPTL4 abundances and correlated with body weight reduction after bariatric surgery. 2020 May - Jun 1
5 31472367 Interaction between genes involved in energy intake regulation and diet in obesity. 2019 Nov - Dec 1
6 28659218 Effect of dietary consumption as a modifier on the association between FTO gene variants and excess body weight in children from an admixed population in Brazil: the Social Changes, Asthma and Allergy in Latin America (SCAALA) cohort study. 2017 Jun 1
7 25644180 FTO gene variation, macronutrient intake and coronary heart disease risk: a gene-diet interaction analysis. 2016 Feb 1
8 21798115 Dietary fatty acid distribution modifies obesity risk linked to the rs9939609 polymorphism of the fat mass and obesity-associated gene in a Spanish case-control study of children. 2012 Feb 2