retinoic acid receptor alpha ; Homo sapiens

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1 24183235 Interaction with RXR is necessary for NPM-RAR-induced myeloid differentiation blockade. 2013 Dec 1
2 10721822 Decreased mRNA levels of retinoic acid receptor alpha, retinoid X receptor alpha and thyroid hormone receptor alpha in lesional psoriatic skin. 2000 Jan-Feb 1
3 9952315 Greater synergism of retinoic acid receptor (RAR) agonists with vitamin D3 than that of retinoid X receptor (RXR) agonists with regard to growth inhibition and differentiation induction in monoblastic leukemia cells. 1999 Mar 1 2
4 10674883 Involvement of nuclear steroid/thyroid/retinoid receptors and of protein kinases in the regulation of growth and of c-erbB and retinoic acid receptor expression in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. 1999 Nov 1
5 9184230 The promoter context is a decisive factor in establishing selective responsiveness to nuclear class II receptors. 1997 May 15 1
6 8947586 Mutation in the ligand-binding domain of the retinoic acid receptor alpha in HL-60 leukemic cells resistant to retinoic acid and with increased sensitivity to vitamin D3 analogs. 1996 Sep 2
7 8188744 Retinoic acid disrupts the Golgi apparatus and increases the cytosolic routing of specific protein toxins. 1994 May 1
8 8470912 [Retinoid signalling pathways]. 1993 Apr 1