Protein Name 4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase
Organism Rattus norvegicus
Gene ID 81632
Gene Symbol


UniProt P50554 (GABT_RAT)
Relationships Total Number of functionally related compound(s) : 173
Total Number of Articles : 321

4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase

Gene Summary

Enables 4-aminobutyrate transaminase activity. Involved in several processes, including gamma-aminobutyric acid biosynthetic process; positive regulation of inhibitory postsynaptic potential; and regulation of secretion. Located in mitochondrial matrix and neuron projection. Used to study several diseases, including Huntington's disease; epilepsy (multiple); heroin dependence; ischemia; and mental depression. Biomarker of Parkinsonism. Human ortholog(s) of this gene implicated in Alzheimer's disease; GABA aminotransferase deficiency; and Huntington's disease. Orthologous to human ABAT (4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase). [provided by Alliance of Genome Resources, Apr 2022]

  • 4-aminobutyrate aminotransferase, mitochondrial
  • (S)-3-amino-2-methylpropionate transaminase
  • GABA aminotransferase
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