Protein Name nucleophosmin 1
Organism Homo sapiens
Gene ID 4869
Gene Symbol


UniProt P06748 (NPM_HUMAN), A0A0S2Z4G7 (A0A0S2Z4G7_HUMAN), A0A0S2Z491 (A0A0S2Z491_HUMAN), A0A140VJQ2 (A0A140VJQ2_HUMAN)
Relationships Total Number of functionally related compound(s) : 371
Total Number of Articles : 477

nucleophosmin 1

Gene Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is involved in several cellular processes, including centrosome duplication, protein chaperoning, and cell proliferation. The encoded phosphoprotein shuttles between the nucleolus, nucleus, and cytoplasm, chaperoning ribosomal proteins and core histones from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. This protein is also known to sequester the tumor suppressor ARF in the nucleolus, protecting it from degradation until it is needed. Mutations in this gene are associated with acute myeloid leukemia. Dozens of pseudogenes of this gene have been identified. [provided by RefSeq, Aug 2017]

  • nucleophosmin
  • nucleolar protein NO38
  • nucleophosmin (nucleolar phosphoprotein B23, numatrin)
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