Protein Name EPH receptor A2
Organism Homo sapiens
Gene ID 1969
Gene Symbol


UniProt P29317 (EPHA2_HUMAN), A0A024QZA8 (A0A024QZA8_HUMAN)
Relationships Total Number of functionally related compound(s) : 198
Total Number of Articles : 254

EPH receptor A2

Gene Summary

This gene belongs to the ephrin receptor subfamily of the protein-tyrosine kinase family. EPH and EPH-related receptors have been implicated in mediating developmental events, particularly in the nervous system. Receptors in the EPH subfamily typically have a single kinase domain and an extracellular region containing a Cys-rich domain and 2 fibronectin type III repeats. The ephrin receptors are divided into 2 groups based on the similarity of their extracellular domain sequences and their affinities for binding ephrin-A and ephrin-B ligands. This gene encodes a protein that binds ephrin-A ligands. Mutations in this gene are the cause of certain genetically-related cataract disorders.[provided by RefSeq, May 2010]

  • ephrin type-A receptor 2
  • epithelial cell receptor protein tyrosine kinase
  • tyrosine-protein kinase receptor ECK
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