vasoactive intestinal peptide ; Rattus norvegicus

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21 1312085 The 38-amino acid form of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide stimulates dual signaling cascades in PC12 cells and promotes neurite outgrowth. J Biol Chem 1992 Mar 15 2
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25 1320983 Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide presynaptically enhances the synaptic transmission in cultured sympathetic neurons. Brain Res 1992 May 8 3
26 1327726 The effect of streptozotocin diabetes on the vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor/effector system in membranes from rat ventral prostate. Endocrinology 1992 Oct 4
27 1327729 Vasoactive intestinal peptide enhances dopamine accumulation in primary cell culture of rat hypothalamus. Endocrinol Jpn 1992 Apr 9
28 1327944 Chronic ethanol intake inhibits both the vasoactive intestinal peptide binding and the associated cyclic AMP production in rat enterocytes. Gen Pharmacol 1992 Jul 7
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34 1332849 Growth hormone-releasing hormone is produced by rat Leydig cell in culture and acts as a positive regulator of Leydig cell function. Endocrinology 1992 Dec 2
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47 1373984 Restoration of diabetes-induced changes in enteric nerves by phorbol 12,13-dibutyrate. Brain Res 1992 Mar 20 4
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