Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene ; Mus musculus

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1 1289809 Mutations induced by DNA lesions in hot spots of the c-Ha-ras gene. Nucleic Acids Symp Ser 1992 4
2 1312398 The tumour promoters dieldrin and phenobarbital increase the frequency of c-Ha-ras wild-type, but not of c-Ha-ras mutated focal liver lesions in male C3H/He mice. Carcinogenesis 1992 Mar 2
3 1323970 Role of mutations at codon 61 of the c-Ha-ras gene during diethylnitrosamine-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in C3H/He mice. Mol Carcinog 1992 1
4 1352887 Detection of mutant Ha-ras genes in chemically initiated mouse skin epidermis before the development of benign tumors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1992 Jul 15 3
5 1361883 Proto-oncogene activation in liver tumors of hepatocarcinogenesis-resistant strains of mice. Carcinogenesis 1992 Dec 1
6 1372356 Common mechanisms govern the expression of p21ras and class II MHC antigens in the murine placenta. J Reprod Immunol 1992 Mar 1
7 1404241 TCDD causes stimulation of c-ras expression in the hepatic plasma membranes in vivo and in vitro. J Biochem Toxicol 1992 Summer 4
8 1408146 Altered H1 histamine receptor signaling in Balb/3T3 cells transformed by v-K-ras and v-H-ras oncogenes. Oncogene 1992 Oct 2
9 1423854 Search for Ha-ras codon 61 mutations in liver tumours caused by hexachlorobenzene and Aroclor 1254 in C57BL/10ScSn mice with iron overload. Carcinogenesis 1992 Oct 4
10 1423878 Inhibition of mouse skin tumorigenesis by dexamethasone occurs through a Ha-ras-independent mechanism. Carcinogenesis 1992 Nov 6
11 1425589 p21ras mediates control of IL-2 gene promoter function in T cell activation. EMBO J 1992 Dec 3
12 1435769 Vanadate-induced gene expression in mouse C127 cells: roles of oxygen derived active species. Mol Cell Biochem 1992 Sep 22 2
13 1448068 Hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine is stimulated by Ras proteins during mitogenic signal transduction. Mol Cell Biol 1992 Dec 3
14 1464157 Identification of metabolites of the antitumor agent d-limonene capable of inhibiting protein isoprenylation and cell growth. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 1992 3
15 1497802 Activating mutation of the Ha-ras gene in chemically induced tumors of the hamster cheek pouch. Mol Carcinog 1992 4
16 1503641 Resistance of adult keratinocytes to differentiation-induced decrease in Ha-ras mRNA levels observed in newborn keratinocytes. Mol Carcinog 1992 3
17 1503644 Analysis of point mutations in murine c-Ha-ras of skin tumors initiated with dibenz[a,j]anthracene and derivatives. Mol Carcinog 1992 5
18 1508192 Platelet-derived growth factor stimulation of GTPase-activating protein tyrosine phosphorylation in control and c-H-ras-expressing NIH 3T3 cells correlates with p21ras activation. Mol Cell Biol 1992 Sep 6
19 1511406 Analysis of the Harvey ras gene in cisplatin-initiated mouse skin tumors by polymerase chain reaction and direct DNA sequencing. Cancer Lett 1992 Jul 31 4
20 1540938 Detection of a Ha-ras point mutation by polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism analysis in 2-amino-3,4-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline-induced mouse forestomach tumors. Cancer Lett 1992 Feb 29 4
21 1547824 Interleukin (IL)-2 activation of p21ras in murine myeloid cells transfected with human IL-2 receptor beta chain. Eur J Immunol 1992 Mar 1
22 1551113 Induction of mutation of a synthetic c-Ha-ras gene containing hypoxanthine. Cancer Res 1992 Apr 1 2
23 1617670 N-ras mutation in ultraviolet radiation-induced murine skin cancers. Cancer Res 1992 Jul 15 5
24 1638698 Temporal changes in the mutant frequency and mutation spectra of the 61st codon of the H-ras oncogene following exposure of B6C3F1 mice to N-nitrosodiethylamine (DEN). Carcinogenesis 1992 Jul 3
25 1647307 An inducible functional peripheral benzodiazepine receptor in mitochondria of steroidogenic granulosa cells. Endocrinology 1991 Jul 1
26 1647646 Effect of vitamin E succinate and a cAMP-stimulating agent on the expression of c-myc and N-myc and H-ras in murine neuroblastoma cells. Int J Dev Neurosci 1991 4
27 1657373 Expression of the c-Ha-ras oncogene in mouse NIH 3T3 cells induces resistance to cisplatin. Cancer Res 1991 Nov 1 3
28 1657633 Interference of Ha-ras with inositol trisphosphate-mediated Ca(2+)-release. FEBS Lett 1991 Oct 7 9
29 1658621 Two dominant inhibitory mutants of p21ras interfere with insulin-induced gene expression. Mol Cell Biol 1991 Dec 3
30 1663450 Mechanisms of action of okadaic acid class tumor promoters on mouse skin. Environ Health Perspect 1991 Jun 2
31 1668891 Multistep hepatocarcinogenesis in transgenic mice harboring SV40 T-antigen gene. Princess Takamatsu Symp 1991 1
32 1679532 Effect of ras-activation on the expression of glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins on the plasma membrane. Oncogene 1991 Aug 3
33 1702367 Chemical-retroviral cooperative carcinogenesis and its molecular basis in NIH/3T3 cells. Carcinogenesis 1990 Dec 1
34 1706723 Effects of retinoic acid on NIH3T3 cell transformation by the H-ras oncogene. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 1991 3
35 1712678 Induction of glutathione content in murine melanocytes after transformation with c-H-ras oncogene. Carcinogenesis 1991 Jul 1
36 1733568 Transplacental and transgeneration carcinogenic effect of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene: relationship with ras oncogene activation. Carcinogenesis 1992 Jan 1
37 1735612 Regulation of natural antibody binding and susceptibility to natural killer cells through Zn(++)-inducible ras oncogene expression. Int J Cancer 1992 Feb 1 1
38 1747936 Analysis of the Ha-ras oncogene in C3H/He mouse liver tumours derived spontaneously or induced with diethylnitrosamine or phenobarbitone. Carcinogenesis 1991 Dec 9
39 1756258 Coordinated expression of intermediate biomarkers for tumorigenic transformation in RAS-transfected mouse mammary epithelial cells. Breast Cancer Res Treat 1991 Aug 1
40 1824924 Activation and cytotoxicity of 5'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine in c-H-ras transformed NIH 3T3 cells. Biochem Pharmacol 1991 Jan 15 2
41 1846354 Mechanism of desensitization of the Ca2(+)-mobilizing system to bombesin by Ha-ras. Independence from down-modulation of agonist-stimulated inositol phosphate production. J Biol Chem 1991 Jan 25 4
42 1884371 Activating mutations at codon 61 of the c-Ha-ras gene in thin-tissue sections of tumors induced by aristolochic acid in rats and mice. Cancer Lett 1991 Aug 1
43 1899909 The COOH-terminal domain of the Rap1A (Krev-1) protein is isoprenylated and supports transformation by an H-Ras:Rap1A chimeric protein. Mol Cell Biol 1991 Mar 1
44 1903226 [Activation of the Ha-ras oncogene in tumors induced in mice by transplacental exposure to 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene]. Vopr Onkol 1991 5
45 1909909 [Presence of specific mutation of Ha-ras oncogene in skin tumors of mice induced under different experimental conditions]. Biull Eksp Biol Med 1991 Apr 1
46 1934268 Comparison of ras activation during epidermal carcinogenesis in vitro and in vivo. Carcinogenesis 1991 Oct 2
47 1938604 Transforming activity of a synthetic c-Ha-ras gene containing O6-methylguanine in codon 12. Jpn J Cancer Res 1991 Sep 2
48 1973614 Tissue-specific activating mutations of Ha- and Ki-ras oncogenes in skin, lung, and liver tumors induced in mice following transplacental exposure to DMBA. Mol Carcinog 1990 2
49 1985780 Tumor-promoting phorbol ester and activated Ha-ras synergistically reduce the interleukin 3 requirement in a mast cell line. Cancer Res 1991 Jan 15 3
50 1992343 Raf-1 protein kinase is required for growth of induced NIH/3T3 cells. Nature 1991 Jan 31 1