VP2 ; Bluetongue virus

8 Article(s)
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1 2820123 Identification and characterization of conserved and variable regions in the neutralization VP2 gene of bluetongue virus. Virology 1987 Sep 3
2 15621660 VP2 gene based phylogenetic relationship of Indian isolates of Bluetongue virus serotype 1 and other serotypes from different parts of the world. DNA Seq 2004 Oct-Dec 1
3 17224050 Interaction between Bluetongue virus outer capsid protein VP2 and vimentin is necessary for virus egress. Virol J 2007 Jan 15 2
4 23467824 Identification of two novel BTV16-specific B cell epitopes using monoclonal antibodies against the VP2 protein. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 2013 Jul 1
5 24886956 Immunisation with bacterial expressed VP2 and VP5 of bluetongue virus (BTV) protect α/β interferon-receptor knock-out (IFNAR(-/-)) mice from homologous lethal challenge. Vaccine 2014 Jul 7 2
6 29778186 Identification of antigenic epitopes of monoclonal antibodies against the VP2 protein of the 25 serotype of bluetongue virus. Vet Microbiol 2018 Jun 1
7 31384743 Bluetongue virus outer-capsid protein VP2 expressed in <i>Nicotiana benthamiana</i> raises neutralising antibodies and a protective immune response in IFNAR <sup>-/-</sup> mice. Vaccine X 2019 Aug 9 1
8 34452303 Inhibition of Orbivirus Replication by Fluvastatin and Identification of the Key Elements of the Mevalonate Pathway Involved. Viruses 2021 Jul 23 1