dehydration response element B1A ; Arabidopsis thaliana

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1 9707537 Two transcription factors, DREB1 and DREB2, with an EREBP/AP2 DNA binding domain separate two cellular signal transduction pathways in drought- and low-temperature-responsive gene expression, respectively, in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 1998 Aug 1
2 9952441 The Arabidopsis CBF gene family is composed of three genes encoding AP2 domain-containing proteins whose expression Is regulated by low temperature but not by abscisic acid or dehydration. Plant Physiol 1999 Feb 1
3 11115899 Overexpression of the Arabidopsis CBF3 transcriptional activator mimics multiple biochemical changes associated with cold acclimation. Plant Physiol 2000 Dec 7
4 12609047 OsDREB genes in rice, Oryza sativa L., encode transcription activators that function in drought-, high-salt- and cold-responsive gene expression. Plant J 2003 Feb 1
5 15190366 Stress-induced expression in wheat of the Arabidopsis thaliana DREB1A gene delays water stress symptoms under greenhouse conditions. Genome 2004 Jun 2
6 15834008 Arabidopsis CBF3/DREB1A and ABF3 in transgenic rice increased tolerance to abiotic stress without stunting growth. Plant Physiol 2005 May 2
7 17172050 Heterologous expression of the AtDREB1A gene in chrysanthemum increases drought and salt stress tolerance. Sci China C Life Sci 2006 Oct 5
8 17483953 Arabidopsis DREB1A/CBF3 bestowed transgenic tall fescue increased tolerance to drought stress. Plant Cell Rep 2007 Sep 1
9 17556511 STRESS RESPONSE SUPPRESSOR1 and STRESS RESPONSE SUPPRESSOR2, two DEAD-box RNA helicases that attenuate Arabidopsis responses to multiple abiotic stresses. Plant Physiol 2007 Nov 2
10 17653723 Stress-inducible expression of At DREB1A in transgenic peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) increases transpiration efficiency under water-limiting conditions. Plant Cell Rep 2007 Dec 1
11 19502356 Metabolic pathways involved in cold acclimation identified by integrated analysis of metabolites and transcripts regulated by DREB1A and DREB2A. Plant Physiol 2009 Aug 2
12 19529827 Disruption of Arabidopsis CHY1 reveals an important role of metabolic status in plant cold stress signaling. Mol Plant 2009 Jan 1
13 21696534 WRKY transcription factors: key components in abscisic acid signalling. Plant Biotechnol J 2012 Jan 2
14 22070784 Comparison of salt stress resistance genes in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana indicates that extent of transcriptomic change may not predict secondary phenotypic or fitness effects. Plant Biotechnol J 2012 Apr 1
15 23029105 Overexpression of AtDREB1A causes a severe dwarf phenotype by decreasing endogenous gibberellin levels in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr]. PLoS One 2012 2
16 23483290 GmNFYA3, a target gene of miR169, is a positive regulator of plant tolerance to drought stress. Plant Mol Biol 2013 May 2
17 24398893 Stress-inducible expression of AtDREB1A transcription factor greatly improves drought stress tolerance in transgenic indica rice. Transgenic Res 2014 Jun 2
18 25326370 DREB1A overexpression in transgenic chickpea alters key traits influencing plant water budget across water regimes. Plant Cell Rep 2015 Feb 3
19 25914135 Molecular and physiological changes in response to salt stress in Citrus macrophylla W plants overexpressing Arabidopsis CBF3/DREB1A. Plant Physiol Biochem 2015 Jul 4
20 26182834 Melatonin induces the transcripts of CBF/DREB1s and their involvement in both abiotic and biotic stresses in Arabidopsis. J Pineal Res 2015 Oct 1
21 26813144 A cotton miRNA is involved in regulation of plant response to salt stress. Sci Rep 2016 Jan 27 1
22 27485523 Ectopic Expression of DREB Transcription Factor, AtDREB1A, Confers Tolerance to Drought in Transgenic Salvia miltiorrhiza. Plant Cell Physiol 2016 Aug 4
23 27999588 Divergent Regulation of CBF Regulon on Cold Tolerance and Plant Phenotype in Cassava Overexpressing Arabidopsis <i>CBF3</i> Gene. Front Plant Sci 2016 1
24 28051152 Arabidopsis CBF3 and DELLAs positively regulate each other in response to low temperature. Sci Rep 2017 Jan 4 3
25 28163586 Evaluation of the yield of abiotic-stress-tolerant <i>AtDREB1A</i> transgenic potato under saline conditions in advance of field trials. Breed Sci 2016 Dec 1
26 28588395 Erratum: Evaluation of the yield of abiotic-stress-tolerant <i>AtDREB1A</i> transgenic potato under saline conditions in advance of field trials. Breed Sci 2017 Mar 1
27 28646315 Chilling tolerance in three tomato transgenic lines overexpressing CBF3 gene controlled by a stress inducible promoter. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2017 Aug 8
28 31477017 Overexpression of the trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase family gene AtTPPF improves the drought tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC Plant Biol 2019 Sep 2 3
29 32480655 Changes in timing of water uptake and phenology favours yield gain in terminal water stressed chickpea AtDREB1A transgenics. Funct Plant Biol 2014 Feb 2
30 32751641 Heterologous Expression of Poplar <i>WRKY18/35</i> Paralogs in Arabidopsis Reveals Their Antagonistic Regulation on Pathogen Resistance and Abiotic Stress Tolerance via Variable Hormonal Pathways. Int J Mol Sci 2020 Jul 30 1
31 33250782 A Computational Model for the Cold Response Pathway in Plants. Front Physiol 2020 2
32 33430800 Transgenic chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) harbouring AtDREB1a are physiologically better adapted to water deficit. BMC Plant Biol 2021 Jan 11 3
33 34249066 The Plastid-Localized AtFtsHi3 Pseudo-Protease of <i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i> Has an Impact on Plant Growth and Drought Tolerance. Front Plant Sci 2021 1