butyrolactone I

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4 8395680 Butyrolactone I, a selective inhibitor of cdk2 and cdc2 kinase. Oncogene 1993 Sep 2
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10 9703910 An exogenous cdk inhibitor, butyrolactone-I, induces apoptosis with increased Bax/Bcl-2 ratio in p53-mutated pancreatic cancer cells. Anticancer Res 1998 Jul-Aug 8
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17 29763312 Deep-Sea-Derived Butyrolactone I Suppresses Ovalbumin-Induced Anaphylaxis by Regulating Mast Cell Function in a Murine Model. J Agric Food Chem 2018 Jun 6 1
18 31450982 Butyrolactone-I, an efficient α-glucosidase inhibitor, improves type 2 diabetes with potent TNF-α-lowering properties through modulating gut microbiota in db/db mice. FASEB J 2019 Nov 2
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