Title : High molecular weight kininogen potentiates the heparin-accelerated inhibition of plasma kallikrein by antithrombin: role for antithrombin in the regulation of kallikrein.

Pub. Date : 1993 Nov 16

PMID : 7692967

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Compound Name
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1 Consistent with these results, SDS gel electrophoresis of the 125I-labeled kallikrein-inhibitor complexes formed in a mixture of these kallikrein inhibitors at their relative plasma concentrations indicated that antithrombin effectively competed with C1-inhibitor and alpha 2-macroglobulin for kallikrein, accounting for 54% of the total kallikrein complexes, only when both heparin and H-kininogen were present. Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate serpin family C member 1 Homo sapiens