Title : The glucagon-induced activation of pyruvate dehydrogenase in hepatocytes is diminished by 4 beta-phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate. A role for cytoplasmic Ca2+ in dehydrogenase regulation.

Pub. Date : 1987 Feb 1

PMID : 3593219

1 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
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1 As PMA is known to prevent the phenylephrine-induced increase in cytoplasmic free Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]c) and to diminish the increase [Ca2+]c caused by glucagon, while having no effect on the ability of vasopressin to increase [Ca2+]c, these data are consistent with the notion that in intact cells an increase in [Ca2+]c results in an increase in the mitochondrial free Ca2+ concentration, which in turn leads to the activation of PDH. Phenylephrine arginine vasopressin Rattus norvegicus