Title : Potato Peels Mediated Synthesis of Cu(II)-nanoparticles from Tyrosinase Reacted with bis-(N-aminoethylethanolamine) (Tyr-Cu(II)-AEEA NPs) and Their Cytotoxicity against Michigan Cancer Foundation-7 Breast Cancer Cell Line.

Pub. Date : 2021 Nov 3

PMID : 34771072

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1 Copper nanoparticles (Tyr-Cu(II)-AEEA NPs) were synthesized via the reaction of tyrosinase with N-aminoethylethanolamine to produce Cu(II)-NPs and these were characterized by means of FT-IR, UV-Spectroscopy, XRD, SEM, TEM and a particle size analyzer. Tyrosine tyrosinase Homo sapiens