Title : Altered mitochondrial function in cells carrying a premutation or unmethylated full mutation of the FMR1 gene.

Pub. Date : 2020 Feb

PMID : 31919630

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 The high SOD2 levels in UFM and PM cells correlated with lower levels of superoxide and reactive oxygen species (ROS), and with morphological anomalies and depolarization of the mitochondrial membrane detected through confocal microscopy. Superoxides superoxide dismutase 2 Homo sapiens
2 Overall, these data suggest that in PM and UFM carriers, which have high levels of FMR1 transcription and may develop FXTAS, SOD2 overexpression helps to maintain low levels of both superoxide and ROS with signs of mitochondrial degradation. Superoxides superoxide dismutase 2 Homo sapiens