Title : Are mothers less likely to breastfeed in harsh environments? Physical environmental quality and breastfeeding in the Born in Bradford study.

Pub. Date : 2019 Oct

PMID : 31119874

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1 After controlling for socio-economic position, Pakistani-origin mothers had lower chances of initiating and higher chances of stopping breastfeeding with increased water DBP exposure (e.g., OR for 0.03-0.61 vs. <0.02 mug/day dibromochloromethane exposure 0.70 [0.58-0.83], HR 1.16 [0.99-1.36]), greater air pollution exposure predicted lower chances of initiation for both ethnic groups (e.g., OR for 10 mug/m3 increase in nitrogen dioxide 0.81 [0.66-0.99] for White British mothers and 0.79 [0.67-0.94] for Pakistani-origin mothers) but also a reduced hazard of stopping breastfeeding for White British mothers (HR 0.65 [0.52-0.80]), and exposure to household damp/mould predicted higher chances of breastfeeding initiation amongst White British mothers (OR 1.66 [1.11-2.47]). Water D-box binding PAR bZIP transcription factor Homo sapiens