Title : Placental vitamin D metabolism and its associations with circulating vitamin D metabolites in pregnant women.

Pub. Date : 2017 Dec

PMID : 29021285

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1 Notably, in vitro experiments with trophoblasts showed increased production and secretion of 25(OH)D3 and higher CYP24A1 gene transcript abundance in response to cholecalciferol treatment.Conclusions: The numerous associations of many of the placental biomarkers of vitamin D metabolism with circulating vitamin D metabolites among pregnant women [including a CYP27B1-associated increase in 1,25(OH)2D3] and the evidence of trophoblast production and secretion of vitamin D metabolites, especially 25(OH)D3, suggest that the placenta may play an active role in modulating the vitamin D metabolite profile in maternal circulation in human pregnancy. Cholecalciferol cytochrome P450 family 27 subfamily B member 1 Homo sapiens