Title : A new style for synthesis of thermo-responsive Fe3O4/poly (methylmethacrylate-b-N-isopropylacrylamide-b-acrylic acid) magnetic composite nanosphere and theranostic applications.

Pub. Date : 2017 Dec

PMID : 28783443

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1 The physic-chemical characterization of the Fe3O4/poly(MMA-b-NIPAAm-b-AAc) magnetic composite nanosphere was investigated by FTIR, HNMR spectroscopies and GPC, FESEM, XRD, VSM and DLS. ferryl iron glycine-N-acyltransferase Homo sapiens
2 The thermo-sensitivity of the Fe3O4/P(MMA-b-NIPAAm-b-AAc) magnetic composite nanosphere was confirmed via DLS at 40 C. DOX encapsulation efficiency was calculated to be 98.2%. ferryl iron glycine-N-acyltransferase Homo sapiens