Title : Impact of ACTH Signaling on Transcriptional Regulation of Steroidogenic Genes.

Pub. Date : 2016

PMID : 27065945

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 ACTH binding to its cognate receptor, melanocortin 2 receptor (MC2R), stimulates adenylyl cyclase, thus inducing cAMP production, PKA activation, and phosphorylation of specific nuclear factors, which bind to target promoters and facilitate coactivator protein recruitment to direct steroidogenic gene transcription. Cyclic AMP proopiomelanocortin Homo sapiens
2 This review provides a general view of the transcriptional control exerted by the ACTH/cAMP system on the expression of genes encoding for steroidogenic enzymes in the adrenal cortex. Cyclic AMP proopiomelanocortin Homo sapiens