Title : Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic H2 production by Znx Cd1-x S modified with earth-abundant nickel-based cocatalysts.

Pub. Date : 2014 Dec

PMID : 25293653

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1 Surprisingly, Ni(OH)2 -loaded Znx Cd1-x S exhibits a very high photocatalytic H2 -production rate of 7160 mumol h(-1) g(-1) with a quantum efficiency of 29.5 % at 420 nm, which represents one of the most efficient metal sulfide photocatalysts without a Pt co-catalyst to date. nickel hydroxide CD1c molecule Homo sapiens
2 This paper reports the optimization of the Znx Cd1-x S system by selecting an appropriate Ni-based co-catalyst, Ni(OH)2 , from a series of Ni species to achieve the highest photocatalytic H2 -production activity for the first time and also reveals the roles of these Ni species in the photocatalytic activity. nickel hydroxide CD1c molecule Homo sapiens