Title : Deciphering a molecular mechanism of neonatal diabetes mellitus by the chemical synthesis of a protein diastereomer, [D-AlaB8]human proinsulin.

Pub. Date : 2014 Aug 22

PMID : 25002580

3 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 A hot spot for such clinical mutations is found at position B8, conserved as glycine within the vertebrate insulin superfamily. Glycine insulin Homo sapiens
2 We set out to investigate the molecular basis of the aberrant properties of a proinsulin clinical mutant in which residue Gly(B8) is replaced by Ser(B8). Glycine insulin Homo sapiens
3 Modular total chemical synthesis was used to prepare the wild-type [Gly(B8)]proinsulin molecule and three analogs: [D-Ala(B8)]proinsulin, [L-Ala(B8)]proinsulin, and the clinical mutant [L-Ser(B8)]proinsulin. Glycine insulin Homo sapiens