Title : Evaluation of a mucoadhesive fenretinide patch for local intraoral delivery: a strategy to reintroduce fenretinide for oral cancer chemoprevention.

Pub. Date : 2012 May

PMID : 22427354

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 LC-MS/MS analyses of post-treatment samples revealed a delivery gradient with highest fenretinide levels achieved at the patch-mucosal interface (no metabolites), pharmacologically active levels in fenretinide-treated oral mucosa (mean: 5.65 muM; trace amounts of 4-oxo-4-HPR) and undetectable sera levels. Fenretinide haptoglobin-related protein Homo sapiens
2 Human oral mucosal correlative studies showed substantial interdonor variations in levels of the enzyme (cytochrome P450 3A4-CYP3A4) responsible for conversion of fenretinide to its highly active metabolite, 4-oxo-4-HPR. Fenretinide haptoglobin-related protein Homo sapiens