Title : CDK1 inhibitors antagonize the immediate apoptosis triggered by spindle disruption but promote apoptosis following the subsequent rereplication and abnormal mitosis.

Pub. Date : 2008 May 15

PMID : 18418077

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 Using live cell imaging and various approaches that uncoupled mitotic events, we show that apoptosis was induced by both prolonged nocodazole treatment as well as by inhibition of CDK1 activity after a transient nocodazole block. Nocodazole cyclin dependent kinase 1 Homo sapiens
2 The massive apoptosis triggered by nocodazole treatment requires the continuous activation of cyclin B1-CDK1 and is antagonized by premature mitotic slippage. Nocodazole cyclin dependent kinase 1 Homo sapiens