Title : Effects of thyroid and ovaries on prolactin binding activity in rat liver.

Pub. Date : 1975 May

PMID : 164346

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 A dose of 2 mug EB/rat increased PRL binding activity significantly in ovariectomized-thyroidectomized rats, and a combination of 2 mug EB and 2.5 mug T4/100E that of intact controls. estradiol 3-benzoate prolactin Rattus norvegicus
2 Scatchard analysis showed that ovariectomy and thyroidectomy decreased the number of PRL binding sites in the liver as compared to those in intact controls or in ovariectomized-thyroidectomized rats treated with EB and T4. estradiol 3-benzoate prolactin Rattus norvegicus